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Days Between Two Dates

From time to time we need to find the number of days between two dates. You can get an old calendar(s) and count off the days. If you are counting into the future there might be a problem of availability.

Suppose you wanted to find out the number of days between now and the next Presidential elections in America. You know the day of the week is the first Tuesday in November of 2016.

Having established the date to be the 8th. of the month we can now calculate the number of days between now and November 8th, 2016.

We can assume the beginning and end times of each day is the same. Monday to Monday assumes that if we start at noon on the first Monday we end at noon the following Monday. The resulting time period is 7 days.

If ,however, we did inclusive reckoning then the elapse time would be 8 days. We just add 1 to the above count. In this case, we assume we start from the first moment of the first day and compare that with the the last moment of the final day.


  • Select Month, Day of month and Year to create the start date.
  • Select Month, Day of month and Year to create the end date.
  • Press the 'Find Number Of Days' button.
Days Between Dates
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End Date



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