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This site is dedicated to providing a range of calculators that provides answers to everyday problems - that simple solution that makes life that little bit better.

We provide calculators of a mathematical, financial, date and time, and a general practical informational nature.

Add/Subtract Time To/From Dates is a useful utility that lets you project time into the future or helps to look back into the past.

A Days Between Two Dates calculator calculates the inclusive days between two dates. Beats the drudgery of working with past, present and future calendars!

An Aspect Ratio calculator may be less useful but a little bit informative. Now, you can become informed of the dwindling viewing area of your modern TV (16:9 Aspect Ratio) compared to the traditional-sized TV (4:3 Aspect Ratio).

In addition, we have calculators of a financial nature:

For financial planning a Credit Card Pay Off Calculator could be useful to calculate possible monthly payments, if the plan is to purchase on credit.

For project planners our Internal Rate of Return calculator cuts out the drudgery of guesstimating the rate of interest that must be returned by a project.

Similarly, the Payback Period calculates the minimum period taken to recover the investment in a project.

Equivalent Rates Of Interest express different interest rates on unique bases for comparative purposes.

A Reserve Fund is a tool in financial planning which allows for the calculation of the amount of funds to accumulate to meet a known future commitment.


We also have some math-type calculators to light your way in some of those mathematical dark corners, especially for those curious numerates.

Which Day This Date lets you calculate the day of week of any date.

Factors of a number - Some numbers are divisible by numbers other than themselves; some aren't. See The Nature Of Numbers.

Percentage change - It all depends on where you start - at the beginning or the end.

At some time, I suppose, it may be useful to know the Primes between two numbers. It was interesting developing this calculator, nevertheless.

Convert decimal to fraction - For measurement purposes, it is sometimes more practical to think in terms of fractions - using a measuring tape. Some decimals have an exact fraction equivalent; others can have only a near approximation depending on the number of decimal points.

Add, subtract, multiply, divide Fractions

LCM/HCF - The Lowest Common Multiple and the Highest Common Factor.

Multiplication tables: You can see the additive nature of multiplication using any table you wish.

There are some other exploratory calculators.

Square roots progress in a predictable order so that we can progress from one known square root to any other in an additive manner. This Square root progression calculator develops and demonstrates this method.

With this Mental multiplication exercise we develop some of the characteristics we know about square roots and use these to multiply two odd or even-numbers mentally.

These are just a few of the utilities available on this site and the number is in constant growth. A full list can be seen on the left.


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